The Thrill of the Chase: Director of Marketing for GW Hacks


There is something so thrilling about the likes of marketing. I have recently been assigned to be the Director of Marketing for GW Hacks: Innovation Competitions on my campus. Through this student organization, I have a chance to really push myself and my abilities, so I can learn concepts like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, event planning, and increasing my social network.

It’s addicting.

Essentially, the goal would be to expand George Hacks beyond the realm of campus, and be a household name within the metropolitan DC area. Whether it’s through word of mouth, email marketing, making a recognizable logo design, or getting connected to other networks, I have to push myself. I have to improve. I need to improve.


The last time that I felt this feeling of trust and support for my peers was when I played soccer growing up. We all came together for a common cause, and that was to commit to the sport and each other, and WIN.  Being a part of team required both individual effort, and conscious belief in your teammates.

I want to trust in others as much as I want other people to trust in me. It can be quite difficult to trust in others because it allows for things to be outside your control. It can definitely be scary. Yet, watching the current e board members relentlessly plan, create, and implement these ideas is so encouraging. Their efforts make me want to believe in them.

For me, my strength lies in supporting others, in order to be successful. If I sincerely believe in a person, mission, or organization, I will do everything in my power to help make it successful. I will devote myself to this cause no matter what.

I’m glad that I am a part of a team that believes in me. It gives me room to grow way more than I ever thought possible, and  I would not have it any other way.

I will never stop learning and loving this process. I won’t give up on this process, and I will maximize learning as much possible about marketing and communications,so I can be completely and utterly dangerous by the time that I graduate next year.

I can’t wait.

Stay true,


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