Suffering: The Dark Side of Capitalism


Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

I’m ashamed.

I just walked away from calling the police after seeing a homeless woman fall in the street. People kept on walking past her like she was nothing, too busy in their own thoughts or actions to lend a helping hand. I tried going to the nearby hospital for assistance, but since it wasn’t on their property they refused. Walking back to her destination,  I saw another homeless person push her down, and started hitting her out of no where.

There were a few people that stuck with her and supported her in that circumstance. I tried to say my testimony and speak up, but you know how that goes.

Sometimes, I feel ashamed that my own ambition can blind side me from real struggle and suffering that happens on an day by day basis. People are suffering.

I also understand that it’s also easy to be played a fool, and that there are some individuals that try to hustle money off the backs of people as well. I want to help out somehow, but it can be difficult to know where to draw the line.

So what I go to a nice school, have accomplishments on my resume, and money in my bank account? What’s the point in accumulating wealth and buying nice material clothes and jewelry?

There are soooo many people that still struggle every single day, in many different ways, and it is happening constantly all over the world. Ways to help tend to be either: 1) time or 2) money. I don’t know anymore.

I pray that I remain grounded throughout this journey, regardless how far the path that I get to go. Remember that each and every single person is their own story, memories, and personalities that make them who they are.

No matter what, continue to see the humanity in others. Every both sides don’t see eye to eye, continue to appreciate them and their humanity.

We got work to do.


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