Pick a Cookie and Take a Bite: A Step into Purpose

There are too many battles that need to be fought in this present moment. From multiple policy issues and external struggles that has resulted from the Trump Administration to overall current struggle of trying to find the “perfect career”.

There is none.

Instead, just choose one. Where do you feel the most at home? What direction does your heart and mind keep on pointing back to?

Many things that I have done has been because I was following my curiosities, and following the path that it takes me.

All I can do is offer my heart to the people that I get to interact with. All I can do is be a listening ear to people who might need a person to confide in. My role in this life is to be able to inspire others who might have give up hope, but it is only up to God to see how it might uncover itself over time.

No matter what role you choose, there is always going to be the good and the bad that goes along with it.

Stay true,


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